So Just So //

March 23, 2013


And The Names //

March 23, 2013

And the Names by Brooklyn’s It is rain in my face (Mat Jones) is what you can describe as a true lo-fi gem. This song comes from his ep called Languish in the Evening. If you dig it, be sure to show him some love in a way you prefer.

Bikes //

March 20, 2013

Today I was contacted by Desires from Denver. They describe themselfs as “a musical project with a focus on dreamy beats and enchanting melodies.” The track that instantly got my attention was Bikes, a relatively simple tune but really effective in what it does. It sounds fresh and makes me want to ride my bicycle.

Tracker //

March 18, 2013

I pretty much fell in love with this song Tracker by LA’s two piece Thunderhank (Henry and Samuel Bellingham). It’s perfectly balancing between lo-fi, pop and chillwave sounds. For now it’s the only track they released, but I hope we will hear more from them in the near future. Get the track over at their Bandcamp for a selfnamed price.

Get Ahead //

March 14, 2013

Here’s some fitting music by Chicago based producer Different Sleep for the moment you come home from a night out and you’re pretty fucked up and just want to fall asleep with some tunes on the background. In that case this might help a little.

I was away for a while, but don’t panic. I’m back with some music that’s really worth listening to.

Sometimes you hear a track that’s so addictive you know it’s going on repeat already after hearing the first tones. The indie/lo-fi band Ski Lodge from New York makes great songs with a positive vibe. It’s fun, it’s good and it’s impossible not to bounce with your head on it.

I Learned is a beautiful track by LA’s producer Wondr. You can find it on his EP called Down Love, which is downloadable for a self named price.

Hi. I found some new music for you.

The first track is a stunning one from Knoxville producer T4PES. With The Blue Room you go H.A.M on the dance floor.

Secondly is this track by Chris Ward from the UK, also known as Tropics.

Kodak to Graph (Micheal Maleki) is a promising producer from Gainesville, Florida. Listen to Departure and you have to agree with me.