Grand Lux & Miss You

February 24, 2013

Tours is the moniker behind the Philadelphia-based musician Dylan Sieh. Sieh dabbles his work into the subgenres of shoegaze and chillwave, orchestrating the sounds of sunny days and lazy layovers. He’s signed on the interesting Young Latitude’s label.

SNSCRN is a hiphop producer from the United States. And that’s actually all information there is about him/her. The track Miss You is already one year old, but it’s still really good. The most recent track dates from 9 months ago, so I hope we can expect some new tracks in the near future.


The track Ethan Veerbek can be found on the stunning debut LP Loops and Farewell Sketches by 21-year old German ambient musician Cass.

The Elsa is a mysterious track by the mysterious producer Jaaska from New York.

The last one comes from Brisbanes producer Charles Murdoch. It’s called Okay Alright Good.

Icefall & Beside

February 13, 2013

The first track comes from Brighton producer Oli Slack who is also signed on the great Bad Panda Records.

The second track is by lo-fi artist play/talk from Los Angeles. Check out his Bandcamp for all his releases.

Interview: LASERS

February 9, 2013

"Amsterdam" Copyright João Lobato Costa

LASERS is the 25-year old beatmaker João Lobato Costa. He released a selfnamed EP on Bad Panda Records, which can be downloaded over here.

ELEA: You were born in Portugal and at the moment you’re living in Utrecht, what were your reasons for this movement?

João: Well, I moved here in 2010 as a Music Technology exchange student, but I liked the Netherlands so much that I decided to move here permanently.

ELEA: When did you start making electronic music?

João: I started making electronic music on a Windows PC when I was around 13 and then I never stopped.

ELEA: On your debut EP different European cities play a main role, how did you come up with that idea?

João: After a year of living in the Netherlands I felt like I needed to come up with a coherent piece of musical material. For me, it was a natural outcome of all the travelling I did since I moved here. Those four cities were the ones that made me feel particularly inspired, so I decided to make a track for each one of them.

ELEA: Which factors of a city are important for the kind of sound you are creating for it?

João: I tried not to think much during the making of this EP, since for my academic work I have to make music that is well thought of. I just sat there and tried to recreate what each city made me feel when I was there.

ELEA: You also collect self made analog pictures, is it important for you to be creative in more ways than just music? And what’s the relation between taking pictures and making music?

João: Yes, it is extremely important for me to have a different “creative escape”, in this case Analog Photography, which was something I only discovered after I visited Paris almost 3 years ago and felt the need to document the travelling experience somehow. There is indeed a very close relation between my photography and my music. Photography makes me experience and think of things in a way I wouldn’t otherwhise. Ultimately it just inspires me to create.

ELEA: Which artists are having a great influence on your sound??

João: There are so many, I don’t really have a favourite. I do listen to really different stuff, but I would say all this new generation of bedroom producers might have an influence on me.

ELEA: What are your plans for the future? Can we expect a full LP?

João: My plans for now are just to prepare a live show that I can consider great and to keep remixing as much as possible. Eventually, a few singles or a new EP will be out, but I think it’s too soon for me to think of a full LP.

U Were In My Dreams

February 7, 2013

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Endless Calm

February 5, 2013

The second track by blog favorite Steezy Ray Vibes (Dan Casey) is just as beautiful as his first one Empty City. Not very surprisingly since it has the same ingredients: hazy vocals, a chilled atmosphere and an addiction level of hundred percent. You can find the track on his forthcoming debut LP.