With You, With Me

January 26, 2012

LAY BAC, a producers duo from Austin, knows how to make feelgood house. With You, With Me is like a sunny rollercoaster ride on speed. Good shit.



January 26, 2012

Matthew Shogi also known as Party Girl took a sample from the song Automne Dans Un Miroir by a Japanese singer named Tamao Koike and made a chillwave production with it. Awesome.

Let Your Hair Grow

January 25, 2012

Natural Ghost

January 24, 2012

It seems like Australia has all the best. Motion.Picture.Actress (yes, with the dots in between) hails from Brisbane and produces stuff that can be best described as something between jazz, hiphop and electronic. Or as underwater jazz. Natural Ghost comes from an EP that listens to the same name.


January 24, 2012

Murder/Casper’s Theme is another astonishing production of Sydney’s Albatross. Ofcourse you already know them from the Aussie Connection mixtape. Anyway, just like the other work, Murder is addictive as good wine. So definitely give this a try.

I Remember Oswald

January 13, 2012

Asheville’s native Alligator Indian produces pretty weird stuff. His lo-fi dreamy popsongs do not have the most common titels and lyrics. I mean, ‘Nazi Werewolves Fuck Off’? Or take a look at the hilarious choruses of ‘I Remember Oswald’:

I remember Oswald, always scratching up my records
I remember Oswald, eatin’ all my fish and chips
I remember Oswald, he was such a bloody wanker
I remember Oswald, he was such a stupid git

I remember Oswald, always scarin’ all the birds off
I remember Oswald, always crashin’ at my flat
I remember Oswald, crushed my tele with his lorrie
I remember Oswald, he was such a fucking twat

I remember Oswald, he never had us ’round for tea
I remember Oswald, he never wore Manchester red
I remember Oswald, he was never good for nothing
I remember Oswald, I wish that he was dead

Good stuff.

Fast Car

January 10, 2012


January 9, 2012